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Thailand Golf Courses

Thailand Golf Courses

Golf courses in Thailand

Thailand golf courses are plentiful and the majority of regions within the country boast a lovely selection, meaning that you will always be spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect golf course in Thailand. Check out here the 10 reasons why we think Thailand is a great place for a golf holidays.  Also check out our 10 money saving tips for golfing in Thailand.

With so many golf courses in Thailand, we have split the country up in to regions and this will make it easier for you to browse through the courses region by region and make a choice as to what might be the best base for you depending on what courses you would like to play.  There are some 250 golf courses in Thailand from which to pick from and this can be a daunting prospect but here at Golfsavers, we have picked out the very best Thailand Golf Courses for you, saving you both time and money when it comes to making your choice.  If you are not sure when is the best time to visit to get the best weather then you can get more information here.

The main difference between the different regions within Thailand that offer golf courses is the terrain in which they are based.  For example, there is the busy and bustling cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, the stunning beach resorts in the southern areas of the country or the more rugged and mountainous areas in the north of Thailand.  Therefore, whether you enjoy the city, beach life or mountainous countryside, you will always be able to find your prefect Thailand golf course.

For a city based golf break in Thailand, you need to look no further than Bangkok or Pattaya and if you favour Pattaya then look at our Pattaya Golf Map.  With courses available close to the centre of both cities or further out, in to the countryside, a round of golf is always close by.  There is a maximum of an hour drive to reach some of the very best courses that Thailand has to offer, including Pattavia Century Golf Club and Greenwood Golf Club for those staying in Pattaya and the Royal Gems Golf Club and the Alpine Golf and Sports Club for those that prefer to use Bangkok as base.

The northern regions of Thailand, including Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are set amongst stunning scenery including mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforest.  Due to the fantastic landscape, many of the very scenic courses in Thailand are located in these areas and therefore some extra travel from the cities may be required in order to reach them but it is well worth the effort.  Of course, there are golf clubs located within close proximity to the cities, such as the Alpine Golf Resort and the Chiang Mai Green Valley Country Club which are both within 30 minutes of Chiang Mai.  Currently, Chiang Rai has a limited selection of golf courses, including Waterford Valley Golf Club and Santiburi Chiang Rai Country Club but the surrounding countryside and the way of life in this area makes for a great golf experience.  You can read all about the golf courses in Chiang Mai here.

Moving down to the south of the country and Hua Hin offers a stunning beach location and a sea side resort town.  Of all the golf courses in Thailand, Hua Hin has some of the very best and by using the town of Hua Hin as a base, it is possible to play on many of them during your stay and with the wide range of tee times available in Thailand, you want to be able to make the most of your time and book early, to avoid disappointment.  Just 15 minutes from the centre of Hua Hin is Banyan Golf Club, which boasts excellent facilities as well as the Black Mountain Golf Club, which should be on every persons list when visiting this region.

A very well-known area of Thailand, especially for its paradise like qualities is Phuket, featuring lovely beaches, tropical mountain scenery and relaxing blue lagoons. Patong Beach is a favourite place to stay and you may wish to play at the golf courses near Patong Beach. All of these features, coupled with some of the top Thailand golf courses, provide a glorious backdrop for the ideal Thailand golf holiday.  One of the most famous and best golf clubs in Thailand, the Blue Canyon Country Club has previously played host to the Johnny Walker Classic and can be one of the most difficult tee times in Thailand to book.  Other tremendous golf courses in the Phuket area include Loch Palm Golf Club and Mission Hills Resort and Spa, both offering lovely views and a good challenge on the course at the same time.

You are never far from a golf course in Thailand, wherever you may select to stay and each area of this beautiful country provides something unique to the people that visit them each year and the golf courses are no different.  Ranging from beach side greens to mountainous ranges and city based fairways, Thailand golf courses have something for everyone and it would be a shame not to explore.  Check out our money savings tips for golf in Thailand here.

Tee Times in Thailand

The green fees in Thailand are the cheapest in Asia and you can book at heavily discounted rates by using the Golfsavers booking engine.  The golf courses near Bangkok are usually pretty crowded at weekends and more expensive so its much cheaper to book a tee time in Thailand on a week day.

If you are thinking of buying some new clubs whilst in Thailand - read our post here.

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Bangkok Golf Courses

View All Bangkok Golf Courses
kiarta thani golf club bangkok

Kiarti Thani Country Club

Price on application
Yoshiharu Aihara
6905 yards | Parkland
Kabinburi Sport Club green

Kabinburi Sport Club

Price on application
Yoshikazu Kato
8075 yards | Parkland
Northern Rangsit Golf Club Green

Northern Rangsit Golf Club

Price on application

6793 yards | Parkland

Chiang Mai Golf Courses

View All Chiang Mai Golf Courses
on the green, summit green valley chiang mai country club, chiang mai, thailand
Save 13%

Summit Green Valley Chiang Mai Country Club

฿2,600 (THB2,600)
Mr. Dennis Griffiths
7203 yards | Parkland
island green, alpine golf club, chiang mai, thailand
Save 7%

Alpine Golf Club Chiang Mai

฿3,700 (THB3,700)
Mr. Ronald M. Garl
7048 yards | Parkland
lake reflections, gassan legacy golf club, chiang mai, thailand
Save 23%

Gassan Legacy Golf Club

฿2,300 (THB2,300)
Schmidt-Curley (Lee Schmidt)
6852 yards | Parkland

Chiang Rai Golf Courses

View All Chiang Rai Golf Courses
panorama, happy city golf resort, chiang rai, thailand

Happy City Golf Resort

฿1,900 (THB1,900)
P. Daengchuang & P. Srisuphachaiya
6925 yards | Parkland
cart tracks, santiburi chiang rai country club, chiang rai, thailand

Santiburi Chiang Rai Country Club

฿2,100 (THB2,100)
Robert Trent Jones II
6853 yards | Parkland
panorama, waterford valley golf club, chiang rai, thailand

Waterford Valley Golf Club

Price on application
Rathert International Golf Design
6961 yards | Parkland

Hua Hin Golf Courses

View All Hua Hin Golf Courses
creek,  springfield country club, hua hin, thailand
Save 64%

Springfield Country Club

฿1,250 (THB1,250)
Jack Nicklaus
7043 yards | Parkland
par 3 over water, palm hills golf club, hua hin, thailand
Save 20%

Palm Hills Golf Club

฿2,000 (THB2,000)
Mr. Wax Wexler
6892 yards | Parkland
aerial view, milford golf club, hua hin, thailand

Milford Golf Club

Price on application
Mr. Robert McFarland
66140 yards | Parkland

Isaan Golf Courses

View All Isaan Golf Courses
Dancoon Golf Club

Dancoon Golf Club

Price on application
DC Golf Design
6949 yards | Parkland
Singha Park Khon Kaen Golf Club general view

Singha Park Khon Kaen Golf Club

฿870 (THB870)
Golf East
7502 yards | Parkland
Victory Park Golf Country Club

Victory Park Golf Country Club

Price on application
James R. Vaughn
6888 yards | Parkland

Kanchanaburi River Kwai Golf Courses

View All Kanchanaburi River Kwai Golf Courses
Grand Prix Golf Club, Kanchanaburi
Save 23%

Grand Prix Golf Club

฿1,600 (THB1,600)
Prayard Chinnaraj/Prachin Eamlumnow
7136 yards | Parkland
Dragon Hills Golf Country Club

Dragon Hills Golf Country Club

Price on application
Jim Engh
6812 yards | Parkland
Nichigo Resort Country Club, Kanchanaburi

Nichigo Resort Country Club

Price on application
Mitsuaki Kobayashi
7223 yards | Parkland

Khao Yai Golf Courses

View All Khao Yai Golf Courses
green, narai hills golf resort, khoa yai, thailand

Narai Hills Golf Resort

Price on application
Pirapon Namatra
7347 yards | Parkland
general view sir james resort khao yai

Sir James Resort

Price on application
John W. Rogers
7160 yards | Parkland

Koh Samui Golf Courses

View All Koh Samui Golf Courses
general view, rajjaprabha dam golf course, samui, thailand

Rajjaprabha Dam Golf Course

Price on application
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT
6820 yards | Parkland
Royal Samui Golf Country Club

Royal Samui Golf Country Club

Price on application
Local Designer
3407 yards | Parkland
dusk over santiburi samui golf club, samui, thailand
Save 42%

Santiburi Samui Golf Club

฿2,600 (THB2,600)
Edward Thiele Pirapon Namatra
6824 yards | Parkland

Pattaya Golf Courses

View All Pattaya Golf Courses
island green at khao kheow country club, pattaya, thailand
Save 27%

Khao Kheow Country Club

฿1,450 (THB1,450)
Pete Dye
7077 yards |
par 3, bangpra international golf club, pattaya, thailand
Save 25%

Bangpra International Golf Club

฿1,350 (THB1,350)
Japan Golf Promotion Co., Ltd.
7405 yards | Parkland
view over wangjuntr golf park,pattaya, thailand

Wangjuntr Golf Park

Price on application
Prasobchai Kasemsant
7173 yards | Parkland

Phang Nga Golf Courses

View All Phang Nga Golf Courses
view over katathong golf resort, phuket

Katathong Golf Resort & Spa

Price on application
Local Thai Designer
7023 yards | Parkland
Kirinara Golf Course

Kirinara Golf Course

Price on application

0 yards | Parkland
View of Tublamu Navy Golf Course
Save 28%

Tublamu Navy Golf Course

฿1,150 (THB1,150)
Thai Designer
7160 yards | Parkland

Phuket Golf Courses

View All Phuket Golf Courses
fairway mission hills golf resort, phuket
Save 25%

Mission Hills Golf Resort

฿3,360 (THB3,360)
Nicklaus Design
7016 yards | Parkland
view over katathong golf resort, phuket
Save 40%

Katathong Golf Resort & Spa

฿2,100 (THB2,100)
Local Thai Designer
7023 yards | Parkland
13th hole laguna phuket golf club, phuket
Save 27%

Laguna Golf Phuket

฿4,000 (THB4,000)
Paul Jansen
6719 yards | Resort