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Hanoi golf courses

Playing golf in Hanoi is not only an exhilarating experience for all the scenic beauty that it offers, but it is also relatively inexpensive. There are some really sensational golf courses in Hanoi and providing you avoid the weekend you it’s relatively inexpensive and uncrowded.  Although some of the golf courses in Hanoi are quite a long drive outside the city centre, new highways are being bult all the time and most golf courses can be reached within one hour.  New golf courses are still being built in Vietnam and one of the newest and most spectacular new golf courses can be found in Hanoi - the Skylake Golf Resort offers two spectacular courses in stunning surroundings.  Here are 10 reasons why Vietnam is such a great place for a golf holiday.

We have listed below some of the better golf courses in the Hanoi area and you can also read our blog on the best golf courses in Hanoi.

Best Golf Clubs in Hanoi

Hanoi International Golf Club
It is one of the best golf courses in Hanoi and offers equal opportunities for golf players as well as those interested in taking golf lessons. Complemented by a picturesque backdrop of high mountain peaks and gentle slopes, this golf course in Hanoi is a sight to see. With a golf club located exactly in the middle of the course, visitors can have access to panoramic views of nature’s blessings, all across the green fairways of the golf course.

Forty minutes-drive away, this golf course in Hanoi is not too far from the city and comprises of 18 holes, as well as all the modern golf playing facilities. It has been designed by Susumu Fujiwara at the north of the Vietnamese capital. 

Kings’ Island Golf and Country Club

Kings’ Island Golf and Country Club is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Hanoi. Despite its remote location and unconventional approach by a boat, it remains to be one of the most popular and visited golf courses in Hanoi. It is located along the coast of Dong Mo Lake and is surrounded by exotic and spectacular natural views on all sides.

Kings’ Island Golf and Country Club has been strategically designed and the layout of the golf course alone makes it quite exciting and thrilling to play golf on this location. Its picturesque mountainous and lakeside backdrops add to its exclusivity, making it the most beautiful golf course in Hanoi as well as in North Vietnam.

Settled in the suburbs of Hanoi, it now comprises of 36 holes with the opening of the Mountain Course in 2003. 

Tam Dao Golf Resort

Located at a distance of ninety minutes’ drive from the city, Tam Dao Golf Resort is one of the most well-known golf courses in Hanoi. It is situated near the National Park and offers scenic views of natural beauty. Along with the surrounding beautiful natural landscape, the course has been designed to challenge even some of the expert golf players. With is mountainous terrain, it is considered as one of the most challenging golf courses in Hanoi and has been adequately maintained to offer all the modern golf playing facilities.

Situated on high rise Tam Doa Mountains, this golf resort in Hanoi offers magnificent panoramic views and comprises of 18 holes, strategically positioned on an expansive area of 6,600 metres. Featuring numerous water hazards and bunkers, this golf course in Hanoi offers a challenging feat for players of all levels.

 Chi Linh Star Golf Club

This golf course in Hanoi too is located ninety minutes’ drive away from the city and it has been constructed and designed according to international, world class standards. Settled in the heart of a valley, it is surrounded by dense forests and plantation and is considered as one of the most luring golf courses in Hanoi. Its unique and distinct layout offers challenging and exciting playing opportunities for golf players from around the world.

This golf course in Hanoi comprises of 27 holes and is situated beside an extensive lake, in the backdrop of wide and dense tropical forests. 

Phoenix Golf Resort

Phoenix Golf Resort is not only the largest golf course in Hanoi, but also in Vietnam. It is located near Halong Bay and is an hour long drive away from the city. It offers spectaculars view of trimmed and sculpted limestone and is comprised of 54 holes.  

Tee Times in Hanoi

If you would like to book a tee time in Hanoi you can access all the green fee prices from this page and view them in any currency.  Then you simply select the courses that you wish to play and enter your preferred times and our booking engine will quickly book and confirm your chosen tee time.

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22 Golf Course Results

BRG King's Island C. Club Kings Course

US$131 (THB4,082)
Nicklaus Design
7310 yards | Parkland

BRG King's Island C. Club Lakeside Course

US$97 (THB3,023)
Robert McFarland
7126 yards | Parkland
Review Score: 4.9 out of 5

BRG King's Island C. Club Mountain View Course

US$120 (THB3,739)
Pacific Coast Design
6963 yards | Parkland

BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort

US$125 (THB3,895)
Jack Nicklaus
7068 yards | Parkland
Review Score: 5.0 out of 5

BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort

US$83 (THB2,586)
Pacific Coast Design Pty. Ltd
6908 yards | Parkland

Chi Linh Star Golf Club

US$90 (THB2,804)
Independent Golf Course Services
6927 yards | Parkland
Review Score: 5.0 out of 5

Dai Lai Star Golf Club

US$86 (THB2,680)
Linksshape Hong Kong
7003 yards | Parkland

FLC Ha Long Bay Golf Club

US$93 (THB2,898)

6826 yards | Parkland

FLC Samson Golf Links

US$69 (THB2,150)
Nicklaus Design
7240 yards | Links-style

Hanoi Golf Club

US$78 (THB2,430)

0 yards | Parkland

Heron Lake Golf Course

US$70 (THB2,181)
Pacific Coast Design - Australia
6953 yards | Resort

Long Bien Golf Course

US$107 (THB3,334)
Nelson & Hayworth
7083 yards | Resort
Review Score: 4.4 out of 5

Phoenix Golf Resort

Price on application
Ronald Fream, Golf Plan
7207 yards | Parkland

Royal Golf Club

US$70 (THB2,181)
Peter Rousseau
7037 yards | Parkland

Sky Lake Golf Resort Lakes Course

US$130 (THB4,051)
Mr. Ahn Moon Hwan, Bori Golf Design
7887 yards | Parkland

Sky Lake Resort Golf Sky Course

US$130 (THB4,051)
Bori Golf Design Ltd
7265 yards | Parkland

Song Gia Golf Resort

US$82 (THB2,555)
Pacific Coast Design
7123 yards | Parkland

Stone Valley Golf Resort

US$70 (THB2,181)
Brian Curley
7280 yards | Parkland
Review Score: 4.4 out of 5

Tam Dao Golf Resort

US$75 (THB2,337)
IMG Design
7169 yards | Parkland

Trang An Golf Country Club

US$70 (THB2,181)
7074 yards | Parkland

Van Tri Golf Club

US$130 (THB4,051)
Peter Rousseau
7601 yards | Parkland

Vinpearl Golf Course Hai Phong

US$90 (THB2,804)
7333 yards | Parkland
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