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Pattaya golf courses

There is a huge choice of golf courses in Pattaya and the fact that many golfers who usually reside in Bangkok, regularly visit Pattaya for long golf weekends and golfing holidays, tells you everything you need to know about golf in this region of Thailand.  There are over 20 golf courses available in Pattaya and this number alone makes it a great place to stay for people who wish to play on different golf courses each day.  See here for 10 Reasons why Thailand is a great place to play golf. Also check out our 10 money saving tips for golfing in Thailand.

Pattaya is arguably the fastest growing region in Thailand with vast sums of money being spent upgrading the vibrant city to challenge some of the bigger and more well-known holiday destinations Thailand has to offer.  These vast sums of money are being ploughed into the golf courses and resorts as well and this can only be a good thing for the travelling golfer.

Best Golf Course in Pattaya

Some Pattaya golf courses are close to the city, whereas others require a bit of travelling time to get to, although in the case of Burapha International Golf Club, the 50 kilometre journey is worth it.  Offering two links style golf courses and a regular fixture on the professional Thai golf tour, this club is not the cheapest golf course in Pattaya but can provide a great day of action.  Another course that requires some travelling to reach is the Crystal Bay Golf Club but with great surroundings and the opportunity to post a good score, Crystal Bay should not be ignored on your Pattaya golf itinerary.  Many people like to book early tee times in Pattaya because conditions can get hot during the middle of the day, therefore be prepared to set off early as many of these golf clubs, all over Thailand, offer tee times starting from 7 in the morning.  If you are not sure when is the best time to visit to get the best weather then you can get more information here.

However, the one golf course that is on the outskirts of the city and is definitely worth the early start is Greenwood Golf Club, designed by multiple Open winner Peter Thomson.  The main challenge on this beautifully presented course are the bunkers, some of which can be quite deep and difficult to escape.  One of the best 'value for money' courses in Pattaya, Greenwood Golf Club is the complete package, offering a great days play along with a modern clubhouse and a tremendous restaurant.  This  courses offeres excelent value fore money and you can click here to read about the best value golf courses in Pattaya 

Moving closer to the city and a top Pattaya golf course that is definitely one not to miss is Laem Chabang International Country Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus.  Featuring superb clubhouse facilities and caddies coupled with the picturesque championship course, Laem Chabang has been built using the natural surroundings and is one of the best courses in the whole of Thailand, not just the local area. 

Also close to the city, about 15 minutes driving time away, is the Siam Country Club, which boasts three excellent golf courses, Plantation Course, Waterside Course and The Old Course.  It's the Old Course that features on the LPGA Tour, having hosted the annual Honda Classic from 2010 onwards and the Plantation Course is home to the Thailand Open in 2015.  The Waterside is the most recent addition to the Siam Country Club and combines with the other two courses plus the superb facilities to offer a first class golf experience in Pattaya.

As touched upon earlier, there are numerous golf courses in the Pattaya region and some are closer to the city than others and the proximity to the city could be the deciding factor when choosing which course to use.  Golf courses that are close to Pattaya include Pattaya Country Club Golf Resort and although the travel time to reach this course is reduced in comparison to the majority of others, it is not the best course and it may be worth making the effort to reach some of the other golf courses in Pattaya. 

Other golf courses in the Pattaya region include Bangpra International Golf Club, Khao Kheow Country Club, Mountain Shadow Golf Club, Phoenix Golf Club and St Andrews 2000 Golf Club

When to Play Golf in Pattaya

If you are planning your next golfing vacation and are thinking of visiting Pattaya then you must, as with all locations in Thailand consider the weather.

Thailand enjoys a relatively predictable climate with 3 distinctive seasons: The cool, the rainy and the hot.

The cool season is between November and February and provides what can only be described as perfect golfing conditions. Clear skies, light breezes and temperatures that range between 20º and 25º.  Unfortunately, it is also the peak of the holiday season with many people travelling to enjoy the beaches and climate making the area crowded and golf tee times hard to come by. 

The rainy season falls between June and September and is fuelled by the south-westerly winds which bring rain clouds in from the Indian Ocean almost, on a daily basis. Having said that, if you are not put off by the odd heavy downpour, then it is a great time to take advantage of, with lower hotel prices and less crowded fairways. The downpours are sporadic and last for short periods of time, and all the courses drain quickly allowing play to resume quickly. The rain although annoying is a mere compromise for those visiting on a budget. 

Pattaya Golf Holiday Packages

Accommodation choices are wide ranging from budget hotels and private rentals to presidential suites and luxury self-catering villas.

If you want to enjoy everything that Pattaya has to offer then you should consider a beachside hotel so that you can take advantage of the wonderful array of water sports and the nightlife in the city, which should be experienced for at least one night.

If you are looking for a more peaceful and golf orientated holiday, then look to one of the resort courses which offers on site hotels and restaurants which can cater for your every need.

Pattana Golf Club and Resort is a perfect location for the all-out sports person with an emphasis on healthy living.

A 27-hole golf course, built to exacting championship standards awaits you on site. Designed with across the 400 acres resort the three loops of nine are spectacular and offer panoramic views of the entire region.

Named after the cacti that are present throughout the layout, the three courses create stunning 18 hole tracks, with each course boasting its own signature hole. The fairways are undulating and well protected. The greens are generally large and kept in perfect condition throughout the year but offer a challenge to the most skilled of golfer.

The stand out feature of the course has to be the 663-yard par 6th, which is one of only two par 6s in Thailand. 

Facilities at the resort are superb with multiple dining options, luxury rooms and a myriad of sporting activities if you so wish. 

Book Golf Tee Times in Pattaya 

The golf courses in Pattaya can get quite crowded at the weekends so if you wish to book a tee time in Pattaya it is advisable to book some time in advance.  Golfsavers have cheap green fees at all of the golf courses in Pattaya and can help you to book a tee time very simply and easily.  The green fees in Pattaya during the week are much cheaper and its also easier to secure a good tee time.  Check out our money savings tips here.

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Golfsavers multi-round deals

Great value - save 20%
3 Rounds - From THB 4,650
  • Eastern Star

    Eastern Star

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Pattaya Country Club

    Pattaya Country Club

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Burapha


    1 x 18 hole green fee
01 Nov - 31 Mar
Weekend & Public Holiday surcharges apply
SCC 3 rounds - save 10%
3 Rounds - From THB10,500
  • Siam Country Club Plantation

    Siam Country Club Plantation

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Siam Country Club Old

    Siam Country Club Old

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Siam Country Club Waterside

    Siam Country Club Waterside

    1 x 18 hole green fee
01 Nov - 31 Mar
W/E & PH surcharges. Min 2 .
Best courses - save 14%
5 Rounds - From THB 15,770
  • Siam CC Plantation

    Siam CC Plantation

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Siam CC Old

    Siam CC Old

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Siam CC Waterside

    Siam CC Waterside

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Laem Chabang

    Laem Chabang

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Chee Chan

    Chee Chan

    1 x 18 hole green fee
01 Nov - 31 Dec
01 Jan - 31 Mar
W/E & PH surcharges. Min 2 .
Super Value - Save 7%
5 Rounds - From THB6,000
  • Greenwood Golf Club

    Greenwood Golf Club

    1 x 18 Hole Green Fee
  • Silky Oak

    Silky Oak

    1 x 18 Hole Green Fee
  • Emerald


    1 x 18 Hole Green Fee
  • Parichat Golf Links

    Parichat Golf Links

    1 x 18 Hole Green Fee
  • Pattavia Golf Club

    Pattavia Golf Club

    1 x 18 Hole Green Fee
01 Nov - 31 Mar
Weekend & Public Holiday Surcharges apply.
Best Value - save 20%
3 Rounds - From THB 5,100
  • Parichat


    1 X 18 Hole Green Fee
  • Burapha


    1 X 18 Hole Green Fee
  • Phoenix Gold

    Phoenix Gold

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01 Nov - 31 Mar
Surcharge at weekend and public holidays
Single Golfers Welcome
5 rounds - From THB 10,070
  • Pattana


    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Pattaya Country Club

    Pattaya Country Club

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Parichat


    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Chee Chan

    Chee Chan

    1 x 18 hole green fee
  • Pattavia


    1 x 18 hole green fee
01 Nov - 31 Dec
01 Jan - 31 Mar
Weekdays only
28 Golf Course Results

Bangpra International Golf Club

฿1,350 (THB1,350)
Japan Golf Promotion Co., Ltd.
7405 yards | Parkland

Burapha Golf Club

฿1,800 (THB1,800)
David Graham & Gary Panks
7160 yards | Parkland

Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao

฿1,000 (THB1,000)
Denis Griffiths
7143 yards | Parkland

Chee Chan Golf Resort

฿2,350 (THB2,350)
Golf Plan
7200 yards | Parkland

Crystal Bay Golf Club

฿1,300 (THB1,300)
Thai Takenaka
7009 yards | Parkland

Eastern Star Country Club

฿1,350 (THB1,350)
Robert Trent Jones Jr.
7134 yards | Parkland

Emerald Golf Club

฿1,400 (THB1,400)
Nick Faldo & Desmond Muirhead
6628 yards | Parkland

Greenwood Golf Club

฿1,300 (THB1,300)
Peter Thompson
7065 yards | Parkland

Khao Kheow Country Club

฿1,450 (THB1,450)
Pete Dye
7077 yards |

Laem Chabang International Country Club

฿2,540 (THB2,540)
Jack Nicklaus
7065 yards | Parkland

Mountain Shadow Golf Club

฿1,300 (THB1,300)
Ronald Fream
6722 yards | Parkland

Parichat International Golf Links

฿1,350 (THB1,350)
Parichat Vivatanant
6660 yards | Parkland

Pattana Golf Resort

฿2,000 (THB2,000)
7270 yards | Parkland

Pattavia Century Golf Club

฿1,100 (THB1,100)
Robert McFarland
7111 yards | Parkland

Pattaya Country Club Golf Resort

฿1,600 (THB1,600)
PGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
7054 yards | Parkland

Phoenix Gold Golf Country Club

฿2,100 (THB2,100)
Dennis Griffiths
6812 yards | Parkland

Pleasant Valley Golf Club

฿1,400 (THB1,400)
Golf East
7002 yards | Parkland

Plutaluang Navy Golf Course

Price on application
Royal Thai Navy
7003 yards | Parkland

Rayong Green Valley Country Club

฿2,000 (THB2,000)
Peter Thompson
7096 yards | Links-style

Royal Lakeside Golf Club Resort

฿1,500 (THB1,500)
Sumitomo Construction
6815 yards | Parkland

Siam Country Club New Course

Price on application
7259 yards | Parkland

Siam Country Club Pattaya Waterside

฿3,550 (THB3,550)
IMG Golf Course Design
7454 yards | Parkland

Siam Country Club Plantation Course

฿3,550 (THB3,550)
Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley
7488 yards | Parkland

Siam Country Club The Old Course

฿3,550 (THB3,550)
Isao Mazumi
7162 yards | Parkland

Silky Oak Country Club

฿1,200 (THB1,200)
St Andrews 2000 Staff
6774 yards | Parkland

St Andrews 2000 Golf Club

฿2,400 (THB2,400)
Desmond Muirhead
7777 yards | Links-style

Treasure Hills Golf Club

Price on application
Mr.Yoshikazu Kato
6900 yards | Parkland

Wangjuntr Golf and Nature Park

Price on application
Prasobchai Kasemsant
7173 yards | Parkland
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