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Best Golf Courses in Pattaya

There are more than 25 golf courses in Pattaya and these are some of the best

Pattaya is a town on the Eastern Gulf coast of Thailand and comes with a high reputation as an exciting holiday resort.  However, away from the beaches and lively nightlife, Pattaya has been forging itself a great reputation, as the home of top quality golf courses Thailand is known as a brilliant holiday destination and offers a mix of culture, excellent weather, tremendous food and some of the world’s best golf courses and golf clubs.  

Our pick of the best golf courses in Pattaya are:

1. Siam Country Club Old Course

2. Siam Country Club Plantation Course

3. Chee Chan Golf Resort

4. Laem Chabang International Country Club

5. Siam Country Club Waterside Course

6.  Siam Country Club Rolling Hills

7. Phoenix Gold Golf Country Club

8. Pattana Golf Club & Resort

9. St Andrews 2000 Golf Club

10. Burapha Golf Club

11.  Khao Kheow Country Club


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Pattaya is a town on the Eastern Gulf coast of Thailand and comes with a high reputation as an exciting holiday resort.  However, away from the beaches and lively nightlife, Pattaya has been forging itself a great reputation, as the home of top quality golf courses Thailand is known as a brilliant holiday destination and offers a mix of culture, excellent weather, tremendous food and some of the world’s best golf courses and golf clubs.  Pattaya is located just over 60 miles south-east of Bangkok and is very easy to reach.  The town was one of Thailand’s first every beach resorts, having provided rest and relaxation for American soldiers in the 1960’s.  There are many sandy beaches within the vicinity and water sports, such as snorkelling and scuba diving are popular.  The nightlife also plays a large role in attracting visitors to Pattaya, with bars and clubs plentiful and due to the volume of people visiting for a holiday, the number of high quality hotels is increasing all the time.

However, due to the many hazards, such as the water mentioned above, it’s wise to listen to the local caddy, who will accompany you during your round of golf in Pattaya.  The sound advice offered, can easily help you gain an extra birdie or two, especially on courses you have never played before.

One of the many benefits of playing golf in Pattaya, is not only the great weather and condition of the courses but also the great prices.  The golf courses and golf clubs  in Pattaya can match anything found in the whole of Asia and beyond, yet cost a fraction of the price to play, making Pattaya a dream destination for those who like to pack as much golf as possible into their break.  Not only that but the golf courses in this area of Thailand are suitable for players of all abilities, so whether you are a good, experienced golfer or a beginner, there is definitely something for you in Pattaya.

The following ten golf courses, are our pick of the very best Pattaya has to offer and should not be missed. 


1. Siam Country Club Old Course

Wonderful mature tree-lined course and annual venue of LPGA Honda Classic

Siam Country Club Old Course

As the name suggests, this is one of the oldest golf courses in Thailand having opened for play in 1970 but has since been renovated by Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley to a high standard.  The good news is that much of the layout design was kept as it was originally but all aspects of the course have been brought up to modern standards.  However, there were some new additions made, namely some of the water hazards and bunkering.

The Siam Country Club Old Course has played host to many big events, such as the US LPGA and Honda Classic.  It was also voted in the top 75 in the best golf courses of the world in the 2018 USA Golf Digest magazine.  Being located so close to the centre of Pattaya, Siam Country Club Old Course is also very convenient for a round of golf at any time of day and there is really no excuse not to include this golf course on your Pattaya golf itinerary.

Location:           30 minutes from central Pattaya

Birdies:             Wonderful layout, perfect greens, great clubhouse

Bogeys:            Can be very busy, so book ahead.  Operate 2-tee start in high season so no mid-morning tee times

Favorite hole:    8th hole  - a par-3 with carry over weater to well-protected green


2. Siam Country Club Plantation Course

A wonderful course with some very challenging holes and the largest green complex in Thailand

Siam Country Club Plantation Course

Staying with Siam Country Club and we come to another of their excellent golf courses in Pattaya called Plantation Course.  This is rated by most players as being one the best golf courses in Thailand and like the updated Old Course, it has Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley to thank for its splendour.

The Plantation Course boasts 27 holes and is based on a former pineapple plantation.  There are significant elevation changes on this golf course and at the highest point of the course you can enjoy views extending to the Gulf of Thailand, which is over 10 kilometres away.

Do not expect an easy ride when playing the Plantation Course.  Your game will be tested in every way thanks to undulating greens, large high-lipped bunkers, carries over water, elevated greens and blind tee shots.  There is a triple green on the course, which comes into play on the 7th hole of the Tapioca Course and the 4th and 9th holes of the Pineapple Course, which is an interesting touch by the designers.

The Sugar Cane Course is the third of the three sets of nine holes at Plantation Course and this is considered by many to be the best of three.  However, you must play each of them and decide for yourself.

Location:           30 minutes from central Pattaya

Birdies:             Perfect condition and with 27-holes gives more variety

Bogeys:            Can be very busy, so book ahead.  

Favorite hole:    5th on the Sugar Cane Course - par-5 with 30 bunkers


3. Chee Chan Golf Resort

The latest golf course to open in Pattaya and already getting rave reviews

Chee Chan Golf Resort

Leaving Siam Country Club behind and it is time to explore further afield where you will find Chee Chan Golf Resort.  A 40 minute drive from Pattaya is all it takes to get to this new golf course, which opened for play in 2019.  The fairways and greens are undulating but there are no significant changes in elevation throughout the 18 holes.

There is a choice of tees at Chee Chan Golf Resort, with the championship tees playing to 7,345 yards while the shortest tees play to 6,527 yards.  Players of all abilities can enjoy a good round of golf.  The views from the course are superb and you can see mountains, lakes and temples as you look across Khao Chee Chan.

The setting, which overlooks the Khao Chee Chan Buddha is difficult to beat and there is a real feeling of relaxation and peace when playing at Chee Chan Golf Resort.  However, you cannot afford to take your focus off the golf course as the significant bunkering and water can easily spoil what had the makings of a good round.

The golf course coupled with the modern clubhouse make Chee Chan Golf Resort a tremendous addition to golf courses of Pattaya.

Location:             40 minutes south of Pattaya

Birdies:                      Superb conditioning of the course

Bogeys:                      The course is very long and secondary rough too punishing

Favorite Hole:            The 14th – a monster par 5 with plenty of hazards

4. Laem Chabang International Country Club 

A picturesque 27-hole Jack Nicklaus Course layout


Laem Chabang International Country Club 

This golf course is considered by many, to not only be the best in Pattaya but in the whole of Thailand.  Established in 1995 and designed by Jack Nicklaus, the course is split into three, distinctive sets of 9 holes, characterised by the terrain on which they are played.

Each course has been named separately and they are called Mountain, Lake and Valley.  As the names suggest, each come with their own clear feature and for the Mountain course, that’s rolling hills and natural undulations.  The Lake course has a stream, which plays a part on almost all of the holes and the Valley course has a river valley running through it.

A very well maintained golf course and beautifully presented, Laem Chabang International Country Club is like playing three golf courses for the price of one.

Location:           Between Pattaya and Chonburi, at km 31.

Birdies:             One of Thailand’s finest golf courses, with excellent clubhouse facilities.

Bogeys:            Nothing we can think of

Favorite hole:    The par-3 second hole on the Mountain nine, which is downhill to a green protected at the front by water. 


5.  Siam Country Club Waterside Course

As it matures the cours is improving all the time and almost as good as other two SCC courses


Siam Country Club, Waterside Course

You do not have to travel much further away from downtown Pattaya before you come to the third of our Siam Country Club golf courses.  Just a 30 minute journey will take you to the Waterside Course.  This opened for play in 2013 and was created by IMG Golf Course Design.  If you believe you do not need to play another of the Siam Country Club golf courses having enjoyed the Old Course and Plantation Course you are very much mistaken.

Waterside Course is unlike both of the above and is mostly flat, which differs from both the Old Course and Plantation Course.  As one can imagine from the name of the course, water does come into play throughout the 18 holes but once you reach the back nine, there is not a great deal to worry about in that respect.

However, the greens are well protected with at least two or three bunkers on each hole.  Some of the fairway bunkers are huge and accuracy off the tee is a must to score low but the overall course distance is not long, playing to 6,608 yards.

Location:               40 minutes south of Pattaya

Birdies:                 Great views and modern clubhouse

Bogeys:                 Carts have to stay on paths which can make things slow

Favorite Hole:        The 17th - par-4 and most difficult hole on course


6. Siam Country Club Rolling Hills

Opened in 2019, this is the fourth Siam Country Club Courses to open in Pattaya.  A more natural layout than the others with some fiercesome bunkers.

Unique, distinct, and different is the 4th golf course, Siam Country Club Pattaya Rolling Hills. As is the case with all Siam Country Club courses, the layout is a core design with no real estate elements. Far removed from many of the rugged and natural designs in fashion today, Rolling Hills’s design is a hybrid of traditional elements and natural courses of the past.

Stunning visuals, and optional lines of attack in a risk reward setting create very memorable holes. Many holes have an abundance of centerline hazards that create strategic and visual excitement. Large waste areas planted with casuarina trees that become pine straw forest, waste bunkers, marsh lands, lotus pools, and lakes are the beautiful features of the golf course.

The Talk of the Town will be No. 15 hole, the “Wall of Death”, a par 5, uphill, and double zig-zag fairway with the green guarded by a 19-foot pit bunker. No. 18 wraps around the lake to another masterpiece clubhouse of Siam Country Club.

Location:               40 minutes from central Pattaya

Birdies:                 Really interesting and challenging par 3"s

Bogeys:                 Trees need to time to mature

Favorite Hole:        The 15th - par-5 with famous "Wall of Death"

7. Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club 

Host of the 2016 Kings Cup, a joint tournament of the European and Asian Tour

Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club

Established in 1993 and designed by Dennis Griffiths, Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club is a 27-hole golf course.  The venue is split up into three 9-hole golf courses, comprising the Ocean, Lake and Mountain course.

The natural vegetation, including large mango, eucalyptus trees and flowering shrubs, add a touch of beauty and colour to the course and there are fantastic views of the nearby mountains and gulf of Thailand to enjoy.  Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club is quite rare for the region; in that it does not have much in the way of water around the 27 holes.  The Lake course is the only one to really feature any water hazards, which come in the way of small ponds.

In general, the 27 holes feature gently rolling fairways, shallow bunkers and sloping greens.  The main difference between each set of nine is the surrounding area and views, with the Gulf of Thailand coming into view on the Ocean course and jungle clad hills providing the backdrop to the Mountain course. 

Location:         10 km from Pattaya, near Jomtien beach.

Birdies:           Very easy to reach from Pattaya.

Bogeys:          The new 9-hole needs to time to mature.

Favorite hole:  The par 5, 9th hole on the Ocean course is the highest point on the course, with a tee shot down a sloping fairway and a second shot hit toward the Gulf of Thailand, which is viewable in the distance.


8. Pattana Golf Club & Resort

A much-improved course with two 18-hole layouts and well-worth a look

Pattana Golf Club and Resort

Roughly the same distance away from Pattaya as the Chee Chan Resort is Pattana Golf Club and Resort.  This golf club was established in 2003 and is a very interesting venue as there is a lot more to it than the golf course.  In addition to the 27 hole golf course, you will find a clubhouse, sports stadium, heliport and accommodation among other features.

Pattana Golf Club and Resort has been split into three sets of nine holes called Andreas, Brookei and Calypso.  They have been named after cacti found on the course and each offer something different.  There are two par-6 holes, which provide a challenge unlike any other course in this region of the country.  On the Andreas and Brookei Courses there are two holes which play to well over 600 yards.


Water plays a big role at Pattana Golf Club and Resort but the trees can mostly be avoided.  Watch out for the wind, especially later in the afternoon which makes the course more difficult.  In addition to the 27-hole golf course you will find a driving range, pro shop and three floor clubhouse, including locker rooms, spa and international restaurants.

Location:          Near Siracha about 50 minutes from Pattaya

Birdies:            36-holes to choose from and excellent clubhouse facilities

Bogeys:           They allow 5-balls onto course whic can make it very slow

Favorite hole:   The 5th hole on the A-Course which is 663 yards.

9. St Andrews 2000 Golf Club 

 A unique golfing experience, with two ‘par-6’ holes 

St Andrews 2000 Golf Club

Situated just over a 30-minute drive from the centre of Pattaya is St Andrews 2000 Golf Club, a course designed by English architect, Desmond Muirhead.  As a par-74 course, playing to a total of 7,777 yards, the length of the course demands immediate attention.  The course has been built to replicate a classic Scottish links style course and is aimed at players with handicaps of 18 or lower.

Comprising both elevated tees and greens, with undulating fairways, which are severe in places, this is a golf course which provides a real test, to the best players out there.  The greens are large but the real stand out feature has to be the two par-6 holes, which stretch over 800 yards long.  These may not sit kindly for the golfing purist but everyone who loves golf will really enjoy the challenge they present.

A good mix of power and accuracy are required, to tame the course at St Andrews 2000 Golf Club. 

Location:          Near Ban Chang, towards Rayong.

Birdies:            Features two exciting and challenging par-6 holes.

Bogeys:           The par-6 holes may not be for everyone.

Favorite hole:   The par-6, 4th hole can be reached in 3 shots, with a dogleg right, the first shot is over water and the second is very long, to an elevated green with two levels.

10. Burapha Golf Club

 The home of two, distinctive 18-hole championship golf courses

Burapha Golf Club, Pattaya

Designed by David Graham and Gary Panks, Burapha Golf Club opened for business in 1995 and features two, 18-hole championship golf courses.  The courses play to a par-72, with one 6,828 yards and the other stretching to 6,948 yards.  Burapha Golf Club was previously for members only but has since opened its doors to visitors and hosted the 2010 Thailand Open.  Both golf courses make use of the natural environment and include palm trees, hills, lakes and local flora and fauna.

The East course is probably more suited to beginners, with wide open fairways, whereas the West course will provide a challenge for the more advanced player, including professionals.  The elevated tee boxes give excellent views of the holes and both courses are always very well maintained, with greens coming in a variety of sizes, keeping players on their toes throughout the round.

 Location:          North of Pattaya, near Laem Chabang.

Birdies:            Very well maintained golf course, offering a number of different routes through the 36 holes.

Bogeys:           The food is not the best available in the region.

Favorite hole:    The 7th Hole of the East course, which provides magnificent views over the surrounding countryside.

11. Khao Kheow Country Club

 The only course in Pattaya designed by Pete Dye

Khao Kheow Country Club

Similarly, to Phoenix Gold, Khao Kheow County Club comes complete with 27 holes, however, they are split into an 18-hole championship course and a separate, 9-hole course.  Established in 1992 and designed by Peter Dye, Khao Kheow Country Club nestles in a valley, between two hills and this allows pleasant sea breezes to work their way along the golf course.

A par-72, playing to just over 7,000 yards, this is quite a long course, with elevation changes throughout, something which differentiates Khao Kheow among other courses in the area.  Large ponds make up the bulk of the hazards on this golf course, in addition to sizeable bunkers.  The fairways are always well manicured and the greens are very undulating, making the good reading of putts key to a good score.  The 18-hole course is definitely the more testing of the two but it’s a good idea to combine both, as together they offer a great variety of holes.

Location:        Just off the Bangkok - Pattaya Motorway.

Birdies:          Plenty of elevation changes, something which is not found at many courses in the region.

Bogeys:          The final 9 holes play like a resort course and may not appeal to all.

Favorite hole:  The par 3, 8th hole is a real test of nerve, playing over water, to an island green.

So that completes our guide to the best golf courses in the Pattaya region of Thailand.  There are plenty of wonderful golf courses to choose from and it can be difficult to single one out in particular but whichever courses you decide to play, you are guaranteed a fantastic golfing holiday in Pattaya.


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