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Golf holidays in Phang Nga

The name ‘Phang Nga’ is often referred to in reference to the sheer limestone karsts in Phang Nga Bay, Phuket.  However, Phang Nga is a province in Thailand and is home to over 250,000 people.

One of the beauties of a golf holiday in Phang Nga is the choice of top quality golf courses but also the attractions and activities away from the golf course.  The main town is small for a provincial capital and is simply called Phang Nga Town but also known as 'Mueang' which is the Thai word for town.

The town makes a great base a part of a Phang Nga golf tour and you have everything on your door step.  The town itself may not be as big or as exciting as some of the other, more famous towns and cities in Thailand but offers a great change of pace. 

Geography and Travel

Phang Nga is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, situated to the north of Phuket and Krabi.  The province is flanked by the Andaman Sea on the west and Phang Nga Bay to the south.  Located on the west side of the Malay Peninsula, there are many islands which make up Phang Nga Bay, arguably the most famous sight in the province.  There are 105 islands in total, although not all of them can be reached.

James Bond Island is a tourist favourite and was used as a location during the filming of the Man with the Golden Gun.  The eastern side of Phang Nga province is very mountainous and there is plenty of jungle to explore as this covers over 50% of the region.  If you enjoy using free time on a golf package to go trekking, you will have a great time in Phang Nga.

There are several major rivers which flow though Phang Nga province including Nga River, Sai Buri River, and Yaring River.

Travelling to Phang Nga for a golf holiday or as part of a wider golf tour may not be as straight forward as other Thai destinations but the reward is worth the effort.  You can catch a flight to Phuket, which is the closest major airport and take a bus or taxi to Phang Nga.  The journey time is roughly 90 minutes. 

Weather and Best Time to Travel

Temperatures in Phang Nga remain fairly constant throughout the year, with the average highs between 31 and 34 and the average lows between 22 and 24 degrees centigrade.  However, the hottest months of the year are March and April.

The best time to book a golf holiday in Phang Nga is between November and February, which is classed as the cool season.  Not only are the temperatures warm and pleasant for playing golf, there is little rainfall.

The highest rainfall comes in September and October so you are advised to avoid booking a Phang Nga golf package at that time of year. 

Things to Do Away from the Golf Course

Phang Nga Bay is one of the highlights of a Phang Nga golf tour.  The sheer limestone islands rise majestically out of the sea and you can see them up close by booking a boat tour.  Look out for James Bond Island and Koh Panyee, a stilted village selling food and handicrafts.

Moving inland, you must visit Sa Nang Manora Forest Park, which is close to Phang Nga Town.  There is fantastic bird watching here with over 90 species having been spotted but the main attraction for many is the rainforest, hidden pools and waterfalls, which are great for swimming.

Finally, you should not leave a Phang Nga golf holiday without taking to the water in your own boat.  Hire a kayak and visit some of the great caves and rock carvings before finding a secluded beach to stop for lunch.  You can also hire snorkelling equipment and view the marine wildlife in the bay.

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