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Golf in Taungyi

Taungyi golf courses

As the capital of the Shan State in Myanmar, Taunggyi is a wonderful city to visit.

At 4712-feet above sea level, Taunggyi is the 5th largest city in Myanmar and has many traditions that you can become part of.

Perhaps the most famous of these traditions is the annual hot air balloon festival held on the annual full moon of Tazaungmon.

Translated into English Taunggyi means “huge mountain”. To the east of the city you will find the Shan Hills range, a jungle clad range of hills at the bottom of which the city was built on.

Before the colonisation of the city, by the British Taugnggyi was nothing more than a small, isolated village upon the foothills of the Shan Range.

Enjoying year-round warm weather the Shan State has a two distinctive seasons, the wet season which runs from April to November and the dryer winter months which are ideal for playing golf at the wonderful Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort.

If you are looking for luxury, then Aye Thar Yar is the pinnacle of luxury golf resorts.

Set a few minutes from the centre of the city, Aye Thar Yar is 3000-feet above sea level and has spectacular views of the city and the local surroundings.

A further 9-hole course, named after the city completes the golf offering in the area and to be honest is highly competitive.

Although there is currently no train service to Taunggyi, it is relaticely easy to get to via the mountain road. A 60-minute drive from the international Heho Airport it is not too far away from the main tourist routes.

Culturally, Taunggyi is a “baby” in comparison to other towns in Myanmar, having been created in the late 19th Century the Buddhist monasteries are modern in design, but the traditional Buddhist way of life is strong.

Christianity is another strong influence on the region and the St Joseph´s Cathedral is a msut see sight in the city, not as imposing as you may think it shows the acceptance of multi-cultural diversity in this small mountain city.

If you are willing to travel a little way, the Pindaya Caves is a sight you must see, on the Buddhist pilgrimage route.

Taunggyi is a wonderful city on the heart of the Shan district with a diverse multi-cultural population which is driving the increase in tourism and with the construction of the Aye Thar Yar golf resort, the tourism industry will become even more influential in the growth and popularity of this beautiful city.

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Ayetharyar Golf Resort

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7380 yards | Parkland
4.0 out of 5
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Located in the Southern Shan State of Myanmar you will find the luxurious Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort.

At over 3000-feet above sea level, the golf resort boasts an 18-hole championship golf course that offers some of the most spectacular views of the Southern Shan State landscape.

The incredible highlands of the region are what make this golf course stand out and appealing to visitors and members alike.

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